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Hains Advanced Odor Removal System completely eliminates tough odors at their source. We never use air fresheners or masking agents in our odor removal process.  We offer a Complete Odor Removal & Indoor Air Quality Reset for your home or business.

The world wants green odor removal solutions, and when the health of your family is your top concern, choosing a locally owned and operated Eco-friendly option for odor removal makes sense. Located in Lebanon and proudly serving Central PA  residents, with our signature odor removal system.

Odor Removal Professionals

We offer comprehensive odor removal solutions and a Green Safe Solution for every situation.  Our process is safe and eco-friendly.

Our odor removal products are:

  • Safe: All our odor removal products are free of harsh chemicals and are safe for use around people and pets.

  • Effective: You’ll love the fresh, clean, back to neutral smell our process leaves behind.

  • Powerful: Our products don’t mask odors. Instead, they penetrate right to the source of the odor and destroy it at the molecular level.

  • Cost Effective: You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to eliminate unpleasant odors—naturally!

  • Fast: In about 8-12 hours, the treated areas are ready for normal use!

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